• 31 new industrial/warehouse units
  • 1 trade unit remaining
  • 2,485 – 40,118 sq ft
  • Phase I available now
  • Phase 2 available Q4 2023

Phase 2

Site Plan

Unit Sizes
(units can be combined)

Ground Floor: 6,512 sq ft

First Floor: 1,744 sq ft

Total: 8,256 sq ft

Ground Floor: 6,986 sq ft

First Floor: 1,679 sq ft

Total: 8,665 sq ft

Ground Floor: 8,719 sq ft

First Floor: 2,099 sq ft

Total: 10,818 sq ft

Ground Floor: 3,272 sq ft

First Floor: 1,055 sq ft

Total: 4,327 sq ft

Ground Floor: 4,219 sq ft

First Floor: 1,356 sq ft

Total: 5,576 sq ft

Ground Floor: 4,446 sq ft

First Floor: 1,432 sq ft

Total: 5,877 sq ft

Ground Floor: 22,411 sq ft

First Floor: 2,239 sq ft

Total: 24,650 sq ft

Ground Floor: 12,271 sq ft

First Floor: 1,701 sq ft

Total: 13,972 sq ft

Ground Floor: 17,814 sq ft

First Floor: 2,863 sq ft

Total: 20,678 sq ft

Ground Floor: 11,959 sq ft

First Floor: 2,174 sq ft

Total: 14,133 sq ft

Ground Floor: 11,959 sq ft

First Floor: 2,174 sq ft

Total: 14,133 sq ft

Ground Floor: 3,671 sq ft

First Floor: 980 sq ft

Total: 4,650 sq ft

Ground Floor: 5,393 sq ft

First Floor: 1,442 sq ft

Total: 6,835 sq ft

Ground Floor: 5,468 sq ft

First Floor: 1,464 sq ft

Total: 6,932 sq ft

Holbrook Park offers flexible modern industrial and warehouse units to meet the demands of companies, employees and customers, available on a leasehold basis.

The development consists of 14 units, starting at 4,327 sq ft and rising up to 24,650 sq ft.

For more information about the size and specification of the units available, see below.



  • 8.5m minimum clear height
  • First floor for storage or fitting out as office space
  • Electric loading doors
  • 37.5kN – 50kN per sq m floor loading
  • Ability to combine units
  • 12m – 28.5m yard depths
  • Private gated yards (units 24 and 26)
  • Electric car charging points
  • Secure business park
  • Generous parking facilities
  • 12 year collateral warranty available
  • 24/7 access available

Planning use

B8 (storage or distribution).

Example of previous development

Example of previous development

For more information about the scheme please contact our joint agents

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